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Leashes and collar materials

Biothane® is a synthetic substitute for leather, a certified material made in the USA. The advantage is that it is soft to the touch, highly resistant to traction and wear and flexible. Avoids the classic "burnt" effect on the hands in the case of sudden shots. It does not absorb water. It requires no maintenance. Resistant to mould, bacteria and odours. It washes easily with warm water and soap. It is the best choice for those looking for a highly resistant leash that is not subject to wear, excluding any type of maintenance.

Paracord, as the name itself defines, is the rope with which the parachute is (or was) made. By definition, the rope is a flexible union or traction organ, made up of one or more series of intertwined thread-like elements composed of one or more materials (hemp, sisal, nylon, metal, etc.)
- Sheath separated from the core
- Made of Nylon, waterproof and mildew resistant
- Stretchy, which allows it to have a little give, so it doesn't snap.


Nylon rope made up of a flexible internal core covered with a thin braided sheath with 48 strands.

- It does not absorb water, so it floats.

- Dries quickly.

- Lightweight, but with high capacity to support traction.


The materials we choose for the small parts are of high quality and resistance:

Stainless steel, die-cast steel and zinc.

By our choice, in no way will simple painted iron materials be present.

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