Me, Sun and…

So, I'm Michele Masci, I'm the one who started all this, even though I was pushed several times by many people who gave me a lot of input and I thank everyone for this, without them there would be no PETPROJECTS today. It all started with the passion since I was a child in the garage to engineer myself and create whatever I needed wherever I could, and some teachers at school called me Mac Gyver. Over the years, without even realizing it, I put together a real laboratory, and having always had dogs and cats, I have always created useful things for them and for us. I did something completely different before, but during the quarantine my girlfriend's mother pushed me in every way to start a business, she made me take an e-commerce course and here I am. I started by rebuilding the bowl holder for my beloved SUN, and from there, step by step, with the help of my mother, my father and my girlfriend Gaia, I managed to create a real site, also producing leashes and collars . I love to think and try to make products as useful and beautiful as possible, so I created a new type of leash with an integrated pouch. There is still a long way to go, there are prototypes still to be perfected and many other things to create, for now I hope you like what I have to offer you.